Mission and Purpose

The MYLI Alumni Association (MYLIAA) is organized for the purpose of enhancing student/youth lives in support of the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Institute(MYLI) , a District of Columbia youth leadership and development program and for MYLI Alumni members and MYLI Parents. The MYLIAA’s major goal is to establish functional programs and activities, which will support, and reinforce leadership and personal development, education, career orientation, and college preparation.

More specifically, such purposes include, but are not limited to, providing college scholarships, promoting student/youth achievement, parent involvement, community development, personal development, academic excellence, and student/youth achievement.

The MYLIAA will achieve this end collectively by identifying, establishing, and maintaining viable professional resource networks amongst alumni members and the community. To reinforce the continuity of the program, a major effort will be displayed to identify and maintain an active enrollment of MYLI alumni as members of the MYLIAA. The MYLIAA will seek to guide MYLI program participants, alumni, parents, staff, and the community, collectively towards student/youth growth in a direction of excellence.